the theatre show

Newest Original – OUT NOW


the theatre show (feat. Teddy Luecke)

(2020) – live stream on Spotify or YouTube

an original

Mix/mastered by: JSH B

people always say “write from the heart” and “from personal experiences“, so the theatre show fulfills just that. i wrote this from the very personal experience of how i came to meet my boyfriend, and the adventures and journey we have gone on since our relationship started. but, to others, it is a song that expresses the magic of accidentally meeting someone who has now become a piece of you that you just can’t live without, and how your life has now changed very much for the better because the stars aligned in just the perfect way.

this little ditty was born from the requirement of “all pieces must be original”  to fit Missouri S&T’s project called No Shame Theatre i was participating in at the time.

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blue eyes and bowties

blue eyes and bowties

(2019) – live stream on Spotify or Youtube


Mix/mastered by: Will Gerdell @

blue eyes and bow ties (1)

1. intro
2. brown eyes
3. her
4. without a doubt
5. bruised
6. raindrops feat. Logan Miller

 blue eyes and bowties was born out of several late nights/early mornings spent pouring my heart into every plunk of the keys, in a cold and empty SIUe piano practice room. brown eyes is the first piece I ever wrote and is the only track that started originally guitar, which I play very poorly, mind you. Fun fact, all the tight lady harmonies and ambient “echo-y” vocals are done by yours truly. No choir keyboard piano involved there!

  Some of these tracks are light hearted and speak of a love found, while others dream of a love lost they wish they never felt. All in all, each track was written with real stories and emotion behind them. Catchy melodies, angelic vocal harmonies and a whole array of “ear candy” instrumentals carry the weight of each track. I hope you grow to love listening to them as much as I loved writing and creating them for you. Enjoy!

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  • Here’s the official music video for brown eyes – More to the works.



Update on life

Hey all,

I hope your endeavors have been successful with all the dreams and big plans you all have in front of you. I just wanted to update you a little on my life as of right now!

I am currently in the process of writing another original – which is slow going but very exciting – so keep on the lookout for teasers and announcements regarding that! There is no title or artwork ideas just yet, but once I name a couple of the pieces I’ll submit them here and see if y’all have any ideas on names for the album before I create one!

As for my theatrical endeavors, MADAM in Hannibal MO went amazing. We sold out quick a few times and packed the house about 80% every other night. It was quite a long adventure with long rehearsals and a grueling tech process, but I loved every bit of it! My next production will begin rehearsals on October 6th with the read-thru – so be ready for more social media blurs and quippy captions of rehearsals.

Thanks for tuning into my life! I can’t wait to share some more adventures with you all!


Let’s Celebrate a Gala

Wow folks,

Tonight was another dream come true. I’ll never fully understand how one could get used to singing on such a big stage as BallPark Village, but I’ve now had the privilege of doing it twice. Each time I’m more wide-eyed than the first – I feel truly blessed!

Here some pictures from Twin Oaks School’s 46th Gala Celebration – brought to you by gracierosie feat. Trio Monico, and the beautiful events coordinator who happens to be my dearest mumsie.

All in all – a smashing hit 💕



( first pict 📸: Caleb Black )

my Currents


 🍁Current Gracie Performances – Look Below for More Info🍁


🎼MY CURRENT MUSIC ENDEAVOR – Blue Eyes and Bow Ties – an Original Album 👀

– Blue Eyes and Bow Ties – Available on Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal and more to follow 🔥

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🎭 MY CURRENT THEATRE ENDEAVOR – The Great Seduction – with West End Players Guild 💋

NOVEMBER 9-11th and 15-18th
The characters are actual caricatures of the actors playing them, and those will be the costumes worn! Come see – I’m the one with the basket of apples 😉

Ticket info:

Plot Synopsis: ( but its more fun to not know )


Alright, ladies and germs, I mean gentlemen – BIG NEWS!!!

I knew you have all waited a long time, three years to be exact, on my originals to be released. Well maybe you haven’t been waiting, but I sure as heck have been! And while some of you have heard little teasers, some are anxiously waiting for the whole EP to drop with no surprises. Well lucky for you an end date is in sight!

Come MID OCTOBER, at the latest (if not early then that), the whole EP will be mixed and mastered completely! Able to be listened to, streamed, and enjoyed an all your favorite music listening places. Except the radio – not there yet, folks 😉

So mark on your calendars and hold your breath just a little longer. We are approaching the finish and I cannot WAIT!


ps. After thats released you can bet I’ll be back in the studio for some new originals and cover ideas! There may even be an idea being hatched for a Broadway Musical Covers EP – so send suggestions if you have any!

LIVE at Ballpark Village

Hi all!!

I just wanted to share with you a recent opportunity I had – it was one of the coolest so far in my life. I had the privileged of singing a three hour set at Ballpark Village in Downtown St Louis. My pianist, Jon Garrett, was a wonderful accompanist and the whole experience was a dream!

This even was for the Twin Oaks big fundraiser Gala, where we all dressed up in swanky cocktail attire and enjoy a night of celebrating Gods blessings in our lives.

I couldn’t have asked for a better bash 🙂 God is good! Enjoy these artsy photos and a link to watch one of my sets LIVE! – LIVE at Ballpark Village –

Thank you all!


And the Process Begins

Hey friends,

So I know its been a while since I’ve posted about any music. Well I have some good news and bad news. We’ll start with the bad news so we can end on a good note 😉 (ha, music puns)

Bad News: The release of Coffee Shop Acoustics has been postponed until an undetermined date. But I will be sure to let you know as soon as I know the release date for that, promise!


    Good News: On a brighter note, yesterday I got together with one of my good friends and an up-and-coming sound and musical engineer as well as an incredible musician, Will Gerdell. And together, we are creating and producing a fantastic EP full of originals written by yours truly and produced by the two of us. Yesterday we began the slow and tedious but incredibly exciting process of recording. I will be sure to keep you all informed with the latest details regarding this project but keep checking back here and on my Facebook page for pictures and sound bits from various recording sessions! I cannot WAIT to show you – and this will not be the first EP (and potentially album) I’ll write to share  with you all 🙂

Thank you all for your constant support and encouragement throughout all this. I would never be able to do it without all of you!!

— So hang tight friends, these jams are gonna be sweeter than jam itself! —


Originals in the Works

Alright ladies and gents,

I know you all are eagerly anticipating the arrival of my latest recorded EP, newly titled Coffee Shop Acoustics, with my friends from EastView. That beautiful piece of work shall be arriving soon, I promise! BUT, in the meantime – I wanted to share with you that, by request, an original piece has just been brought to life with the help of my good friend Ella…. She’s the guitar…. and yes, I’ve named my guitar. It’s not weird. ANYWAY – a few people have been asking “When will you start releasing originals, Gracie?” So I thought I would give the people what they want.


This picture represents the long and tedious process known as “song-writing”. For many, that is a familiar term, but I just wanted to state – sometimes it’s easier than it looks.

REGARDLESS! There are originals in the works and the new EP – Coffee Shop Acoustics – in the works. So sit tight and hold onto your friends because these jams are gonna be sweet 😉