Release Date

Hey Everyone,

I have some BIG NEWS!  On September 18th, 2015, The Covers EP will be released on CD or online in digital form. Get yourself a CD and jam out in your car or download it online for listening where ever you please. If you want to preorder your CD for just $5 (plus some shipping), just Click Here and get The Covers bracelet for free! And who doesn’t love free things, right? And don’t forget to follow on Facebook too!

For all of you who have been wondering what EP means, it stands for Extended Play, which means its longer than a single but shorter than a full album. Just to educate you all on a little musical terms!

Pencil the date in and don’t forget to check back for updates as we patiently and eagerly anticipate this long-awaited release of … The Covers EP!


Puzzle Pieces

All the pieces for The Covers EP are now ready… artwork, final audio tracks, website… I’m so excited!

Today we finalized the album artwork for the EP, and we’re in the process of ordering physical copies of the project and setting up licensing for digital downloads. I’m so excited to finally get these tunes into your hands! Speaking of tunes, I bet you’re wondering which covers will be on the EP. Take a look below!

1. Boom Clap
2. Bright
3. Chandelier
4. Taylor Swift Mashup
5. Tell Mama

So that’s the EP! Like I said, physical copies are in the works, but you can reserve your copy now for just $5 (plus some shipping). Or if you’d prefer a digital download, I’ll have a link for you soon. Check back soon or subscribe, so you don’t miss any updates. You can follow on Facebook, too!

Thanks to everyone who’s helped to make this project possible. The final results are near! Stay tuned!


The Covers EP

If you hadn’t heard yet, The Covers EP is the next project I’ve got in the works. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been busy recording with my good friend Annalyse Crowdus, and final mixes are trickling in. We’re so close!

The complete content is still under wraps for right now, but you can see which tracks will be on the EP soon on the music page.

Check back soon and often to see the progress of how things are coming along. You’ll always get the big picture update here, but don’t forget to like on Facebook for the little details along the way.