the Things to Know About Me

Well, hello there! – Whether you came here intentionally or were just lucky enough to stumble upon it, I’m glad you’re here!

During my very early childhood, my parents instilled in me the unending love of music and theatre teaching me to play various instruments and to act and sing whenever I could (which mind you, is all the time). At age four, I performed my first solo in a church production as a little orphan named Bee, and from those early years onward, life without the arts has been unimaginable. I’ve now chosen to pursue music and theatre professionally while scoping the world for adventures along the way. (After all, adventures goes with life like bacon goes with eggs. But let’s be honest. Doesn’t everything go with bacon?)

As I’ve begun developing my own artistic style, I’ve dreamed of writing and recording original music. Many have urged me to pursue my own album, but I never considered that dream to be within reach. But after releasing my first project (The Covers EP) in August of 2015, I’ve been encouraged through the process and have begun to write and record my own music, the first of many was released in November of 2018 (blue eyes and bowties), with the latest released July of 2020 (the theatre show) the more on the way!

But regardless of where I end up, I continue to thank my Lord and Savior for the gift he has given me. And I am very eager to share all that I can with you – so thank you, too. None of this would be possible without your support.

So enjoy these tunes, and characters I meet, and join me as I pursue this once-in-a-life-time, musical and theatre endeavor. You are now, just one of the family!