the theatre show

Newest Original – OUT NOW


the theatre show (feat. Teddy Luecke)

(2020) – live stream on Spotify or YouTube

an original

Mix/mastered by: JSH B

people always say “write from the heart” and “from personal experiences“, so the theatre show fulfills just that. i wrote this from the very personal experience of how i came to meet my boyfriend, and the adventures and journey we have gone on since our relationship started. but, to others, it is a song that expresses the magic of accidentally meeting someone who has now become a piece of you that you just can’t live without, and how your life has now changed very much for the better because the stars aligned in just the perfect way.

this little ditty was born from the requirement of “all pieces must be original”  to fit Missouri S&T’s project called No Shame Theatre i was participating in at the time.

Available on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, iHeart Radio, Deezer, Google Play/Youtube, Tidal, MediaNet, iHeart Radio, Napster and more to follow.


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