Alright, ladies and germs, I mean gentlemen – BIG NEWS!!!

I knew you have all waited a long time, three years to be exact, on my originals to be released. Well maybe you haven’t been waiting, but I sure as heck have been! And while some of you have heard little teasers, some are anxiously waiting for the whole EP to drop with no surprises. Well lucky for you an end date is in sight!

Come MID OCTOBER, at the latest (if not early then that), the whole EP will be mixed and mastered completely! Able to be listened to, streamed, and enjoyed an all your favorite music listening places. Except the radio – not there yet, folks 😉

So mark on your calendars and hold your breath just a little longer. We are approaching the finish and I cannot WAIT!


ps. After thats released you can bet I’ll be back in the studio for some new originals and cover ideas! There may even be an idea being hatched for a Broadway Musical Covers EP – so send suggestions if you have any!