Update on life

Hey all,

I hope your endeavors have been successful with all the dreams and big plans you all have in front of you. I just wanted to update you a little on my life as of right now!

I am currently in the process of writing another original – which is slow going but very exciting – so keep on the lookout for teasers and announcements regarding that! There is no title or artwork ideas just yet, but once I name a couple of the pieces I’ll submit them here and see if y’all have any ideas on names for the album before I create one!

As for my theatrical endeavors, MADAM in Hannibal MO went amazing. We sold out quick a few times and packed the house about 80% every other night. It was quite a long adventure with long rehearsals and a grueling tech process, but I loved every bit of it! My next production will begin rehearsals on October 6th with the read-thru – so be ready for more social media blurs and quippy captions of rehearsals.

Thanks for tuning into my life! I can’t wait to share some more adventures with you all!