Originals in the Works

Alright ladies and gents,

I know you all are eagerly anticipating the arrival of my latest recorded EP, newly titled Coffee Shop Acoustics, with my friends from EastView. That beautiful piece of work shall be arriving soon, I promise! BUT, in the meantime – I wanted to share with you that, by request, an original piece has just been brought to life with the help of my good friend Ella…. She’s the guitar…. and yes, I’ve named my guitar. It’s not weird. ANYWAY – a few people have been asking “When will you start releasing originals, Gracie?” So I thought I would give the people what they want.


This picture represents the long and tedious process known as “song-writing”. For many, that is a familiar term, but I just wanted to state – sometimes it’s easier than it looks.

REGARDLESS! There are originals in the works and the new EP – Coffee Shop Acoustics – in the works. So sit tight and hold onto your friends because these jams are gonna be sweet 😉


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